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rehvide montaaži pasta DELTA 4kg sinine (talvine )

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    DELTA Acrylmed is one of the most used pastes in vulcanizing workshops. Its advantage is ease of application and not drying, even if we forget to close the lid and maximum long shelf life: 360 days. It does not splatter and it is enough to apply only a thin layer to facilitate the quick and precise placement of the tire on the rim. Suitable for mounting and disassembling practically any tire. Effectively counteracts the baking of tires and damaging their feet during assembly and disassembly. Enriched with anti-corrosion, sealing and anti-skid additives.
     The BLUE DELTA for the winter season is characterized by rapid solidification at lower temperatures, so that the tire does not move against the rim during a sudden start.
    Benefits of using paste:
    Easier and faster tire assembly with less effort
    Reduction of the load on the mounting drive
    Protects the tire foot and rim during assembly
    Seals the contact area of ​​the tire with the rim
    Provides centrally aligned tire on the rim
    Works anti-corrosion on rant rim
    Preserves the tire and prevents stiffening
    Prevents baking of the tire with the rim
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