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Kaubiku lamellrehv Barum 195/70 R15C 104/102R SnoVanis 2

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    SnoVanis 2: Drive and save without compromise

    The new SnoVanis 2 knows no compromise when it comes to safety and will keep you motoring throughout the winter!
    Its innovative tread safely keeps vans on the right track on slippery surfaces.
    The optimised winter compound shortens stopping distances, extends mileage and reduces rolling resistance, which means that both vehicle handling and costs remain under control at all times.

    SnoVanis 2 - Technical Details


    Braking on snow

    Feature:  Compact block tread on shoulders and high sipe density
    Effect: Improved force transmission and increased number of gripping edges
    Benefit:  Optimised braking performance, resulting in shorter braking distances on snow


    Traction on snow

    Feature: High groove volume and snow pockets in the outer grooves
    Effect: Improved snow-to-snow interlock due to increased snow pick-up
    Benefit: Excellent traction on snow


    Wet cornering

    Feature: Robust shoulder blocks and compact block structure in the central tread section
    Effect: Optimised rigidity distribution and increased stability in the lateral tread blocks
    Benefit: Greater safety in curves, also on wet roads


    Rolling resistance

    Feature: Winter compound optimised for rolling restance
    Effect: Reduction of energy loss by low deformation of the tread during rotation of the tire
    Benefit: Potential fuel savings as a result of improved rolling resistance
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