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Toote ID: 333954
Kood: 1F3011815-001
Tootja: Hella
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  • 12/24V
    Spotlight with chrome design ring.
    PRODUCT OMADUSED 100 % LED auxiliary light “Made in Germany”
    • For offroad use, briefly immersible ( kuni 5 minutes fording at kuni 0.5 m in clear water)
    • The heavy-duty version also has a 2500 mm ventilation hose to permit fording even in muddy water
    • 75 % lower energy consumption than with xenon technology
    • Highbeam flasher emits light instantly with no delay
    • High-performance LED for long ulatus
    • Complete valgustatus of the roadway thanks to computercalculated double-reflector technology
    • Light sources no longer need to be replaced • integreeritud electronics and fins for passive cooling, no fan required • May be mounted upright or suspended
    • Rugged metal housing and sturdy holder
    • 12 V / 11 W, 24 V / 11 W (multivoltage) • Highbeam headlight with reference no 45 and ECE-approval 3738 • Kaal 2130 g

    IGHT DISTRIBUTION © HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co., Lippstadt, J00712/08.13 Subject to technical and price modifications. ulatus OVERVIEW See the light! lisa headlights from HELLA. The Parem light for every application. Try them out online now! www.hella.com/lightshow www.hella.com/truck www.hella.com/off road www.hella.com/eliver Lux is the unit of illuminance. It expresses the luminous flux from the light source that impinges on a specific area. For example, an office should be illuminated to at least 500 lux and the human eye can still read a newspaper without any problems at 1 lux. The values underneath the lux axis show at which point of the light distribution diagram the corresponding valgustatus intensity is reached. Reference numbers 50 , 45, 40 , 37.5 , 17.5 and 12.5: The reference number (Ref.) is a figure that applies to a spotlight. Under ECE regulations, this reference number may not exceed the upper limit of 100 per vehicle. This figure includes the values for the two standard high beams ( Vasak and Parem headlights) plus those of any MUUD installed spotlights. The appropriate value is engraved on the lääts of each approved headlight. Luminator Compact LED (ECE reference number 45) multivoltage 12 / 24 V Spotlight with chrome design ring 1F3 011 815-001 Spotlight with black design ring 1F3 011 815-011* Spotlight (heavy-duty) with black design ring, ventilation hose and T-piece 1F3 011 815-031* Spare parts lääts with chrome design ring 9AG 195 614-001* lääts with matt black designer ring 9AG 195 614-011* Accessories Protective cap for Luminator Compact LED 8XS 199 170-011* * Available from October 2013. Luminator Compact LED, high beam with reference number 45 LED headlight with mounted 3000 mm two-pole kaabel (with open ends) Heavy-duty version also with 2500 mm ventilation hose and T-piece (for ventilating a second headlight) Mounted holder Mounting instructions
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