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5.1 Autokaubad24 OÜ has an obligation to protect the privacy of its customers, buyers and users (hereinafter the customer). These Privacy Policy Terms apply to the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage of Customer Data. The activities of Autokaubad24 OÜ are in accordance with all the relevant activities and the relevant legislation of the European Union and the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
By accepting the terms of the Autokaubad24 OÜ e-shop, the customer automatically agrees to the terms of the privacy policy by giving Autokaubad24 OÜ consent for the automated processing of their data.
5.1.1 The Customer may at any time withdraw his / her consent through our Online Store or by submitting a statement in a format which can be reproduced in writing. Withdrawal of consent or declaration shall have no retroactive effect.

5.2 Personal data are data that are directly or indirectly attributable to the customer as a private individual  and collected by Autokaubad24 OÜ for the purpose of executing a contract with an individual or for contacting an individual and for complying with legal obligations. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the personal data published by him / her.
5.3 The Customer's personal data may be collected in the following ways:
• when submitting contact information (name, postal address, personal identification code, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address) in Autokaubad24 OÜ e-shop;
• using the e-shop or by cookies;
• registering at the e-shop;
• Autokaubad24 OÜ may voluntarily request certain areas of the e-shop to provide personal and information. The personal data you enter may include name, address, zip code, email address , phone number, and other data.
• when applying for a hire purchase.
5.4 Autokaubad24 OÜ may also collect non-personally identifiable data, ie data that cannot be directly linked to a specific person (eg gender, age, language preferences, location). Autokaubad24 OÜ may also store information about the customer's activities in our e-shop. The above information is aggregated and used to provide useful information to our customers and to identify which products and parts of the e-store are most interesting. Aggregated data is treated as non-personal data in this privacy policy.
5.5 With the help of the collected personal information we have the opportunity to inform our clients about new products of Autokaubad24 OÜ, various campaigns and other important events.
5.6 Customers who have been added to our newsletter list but no longer wish to be included in our newsletter list or receive notifications of products that may be of interest to them may at any time remove themselves from the mailing list by sending an email to info@autokaubad24.ee or by clicking on the "unsubscribe / remove from list ".
5.7 Autokaubad24 OÜ also uses the collected personal data to deliver the order and to fulfill the obligations to the customer.
5.8 In order to better serve the Customer, Autokaubad24 OÜ has the right to disclose information about individual users to third parties, who provide services to Autokaubad24 OÜ and are obliged to keep the information they receive confidential. Third parties may be, for example, partners who are responsible for the delivery of goods or the hire purchase of an e-shop.
5.9 Personal data will only be retained for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Autokaubad24 OÜ may retain the data longer than necessary to comply with legal requirements or to protect the legal interests of Autokaubad24 OÜ.
5.5 Autokaubad24 OÜ retains customer data for a maximum of 3 years from the time the customer placed his last order or the time when the customer made the purchase. The data that Autokaubad24 OÜ is obliged to retain pursuant to legislation (eg accounting data) shall be stored by Autokaubad24 OÜ in accordance with the requirements set forth in legislation.
5.11 Customers can make purchases at Autokaubad24 OÜ by registering as a customer or without registering. In case of an unregistered purchase, the Customer is obliged to disclose the following personal data to Autokaubad24 OÜ: first and last name, telephone number, address, e-mail address and delivery address.
5.12 Customers who wish to register on Autokaubad24 OÜ must provide the following personal information: first and last name, gender, e-mail address and password. By signing up, the client creates an account for himself.
5.13 The Customer has the right to change and / or supplement personal data in his account at any time. The Customer is responsible for the correctness of the updated and modified personal data. The customer also has the right to delete their own account. To delete your account, contact us at info@autokaubad24.ee
5.14 The customer's personal identification code is only required if the customer purchases the goods with hire purchase. In addition, when purchasing additional services where the customer's personal code is required (for example, to insure the goods in the case of warranty goods). Other personal data, such as your job, your job, etc., are also required when making a hire purchase.
5.15 The technical measures of Autokaubad24 OÜ ensure the protection of the Customer's personal data from any unauthorized use: including unauthorized alteration or destruction and disclosure of personal data, theft of personal data.
5.16 The Customer shall have the right to request the termination of the processing of his / her data, information on the use of the data submitted by him / her and the transfer of data in a common format. The data will be sent to the customer by e-mail. Applications may only be submitted in a form in which the person making the application is identifiable (digitally signed or personally signed on shop). Autokaubad24 OÜ has the right to respond to such requests within 30 calendar days. We treat the request for termination of data processing as an application for termination of the status of a customer registered in the e-shop.
5.17 Customer passwords are encrypted and associated with personal data and are accessible only to authorized persons. Data is double protected. All data is transmitted via the secure https protocol. An encrypted data communication channel with banks ensures the security of the buyer's personal data and bank details.
5.18 The Privacy Policy is public and freely available on the Autokaubad24 OÜ website. If a change is made in the Privacy Policy, it will also appear publicly on the page of Autokaubad24 OÜ. Autokaubad24 OÜ is the chief processor of the Customer's personal data.
5.19 Autokaubad24 OÜ uses cookies to ensure a better service. Cookies are tiny data files that a web server sends to a customer's web browser and that collects information about the customer's device when the customer visits the e-store on that device. Cookies allow the customer to identify the web pages, services, devices or browsers. Cookies are useful. Cookies remember the customer's login information, so the customer does not have to re-enter it every time they log in to the e-shop. Cookies help Autokaubad24 OÜ and third parties determine which parts of the e-store are most visited and help to identify which pages and features the customers use and how much time they spend on these pages. Based on the above information, the Seller can better develop the e-shop environment and improve the user experience.
5.20 Client may delete cookies partially or completely. By accepting the Privacy Policy, the customer confirms that cookies are placed on their computer. The customer has the right to withdraw at any time, but in this case the necessary functions of the e-shop may not work.

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