Increase performance of your car engine!

Increase performance of your car engine! SMT2 is a non-petroleum based, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, biodegradable, synthetic anti-friction metal treatment.
SMT2 will reduce friction up to 650% and provide fuel savings up to 10%. Plus, SMT2extends the life of the engine, transmission, and differential.
SMT2 technology has “leap-frogged” current metal treatment technology and leads the way for anti-friction metal treatment into the third millennium. SMT2 combines all the positive aspects of previous technology into its new technology without any of the harmful negative attributes associated with prevailing technology.
SMT2 is formulated for use in all iron and steel (Fe) and combination of Fe-metals and other metal friction environments that involve:

Elevated temperature
High loads
Extreme pressure
High sliding speed and pressure
Lack of lubrication
Specific applications for SMT2 include, but are not limited to:

Automotive and heavy duty truck motor, standard transmission, differential, hubs, wheel bearings, and automatic transmission and power steering for gasoline and diesel fuels
Industrial (mining, oil refining/drilling, paper making, steel mills, etc.)
Railroads, including diesel engine oil, transmissions, gear boxes, wheel bearings, and track
Commercial marine, including diesel engines, transmissions, gear boxes, wrenches, and all friction applications
Rifle, handgun, and weapons
Printing presses and bindery equipment
Drills, taps, saws, milling tools, and all metal-to-metal cutting tools
HVAC pumps
CNC coolants (controls and kills bacteria, fungus and mold)
Pre-assembly lube (SMT2 contains no metals that can confuse oil analysis readings and affords greater protection to new metal surfaces.)

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